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Dr. Brajesh Nandan

Dr. Brajesh is consultant orthopedic surgeon in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital-New Delhi. He is involved in sub specialty clinical practice that focuses on treating pediatric and adult patients.

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Paper & Publications

Contributions of Dr. Brajesh Nandan in the field of Orthopedic Oncology

Orthopedic Oncology treatment methods are continuously improved through intensive research; and Dr. Brajesh Nandan has also put in and shared numerous research papers and publications in this field.

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I have consulted Dr. Brajesh Nandan a few times. I find him a thorough orthopedic surgeon. Right from diagnosis to management of the problem, he has been excellent every time.
G. S. Ajith

Dr. Brajesh is a good surgeon. I hv lost his contact number and sir ganga ram hospital website is also not up. I have moved on to bangalore and would like to consult him. Can someone help with his contact number, please? Thanks, God bless…
Raj Shisodia

I had this problem in my ankle bone for more than two years. I had shown it to a number of doctors. Meeting Dr. Brajesh few months back and his medication helped me lot more than any treatment. He is a definitely a knowledgeable doctor.
Y. K. Jain


Extended curettage of Giant cell tumor by Argon beam Laser